Online is The Only Way to Go

        For at least the last four or five years I have had the dream of selling information on the internet. I think it started with a service call at one of my customers and friend’s small business. I was using my American Express card for two purposes. I wanted to renew his subscription for his well-known payroll tax updates and second, I was buying him an update for the bookkeeping program from the same software company.  The total bill for these two updates came to well over $500.00. This is no small sum for a business with 8 to 10 employees.  Now think about this… You used to be able to buy a license for a program and it was yours to use for life. Not anymore !!!  These greedy so and so s  now want to sell you a subscription so that they have you set up as a cash cow for life. Be that as it may, This purchase was set up as two separate transactions on my credit card. And since it was late in the day, these transactions were posted on two separate dates one day apart. And they were 10,000 invoice numbers apart !!!! And it was all handled online.  I then started mentally comparing this online business with what it would take to handle this volume of business in a regular software store.  How big a building, and how big a parking lot, and how many cashiers, and how about liability insurance for 10,000 customers per day in this litigious society which we have built?  So for certain products, online is the only way to go.  

      I have another good customer with an auction business who is now able to handle online, real time bids, at the same time as bidders are bidding in his auction house. This has to be able to raise the value of his services over that of an auction house that has not taken the plunge into this level of technology. You can visit his two sites by clicking under  “Recommended”.

Ray Ott

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