Getting Educated At Last

      After spending much time and many hundreds of dollars, I finally connected with an organized, step by step, plan for putting up a serious online presence on the internet. In the past, I tried to do the whole thing on my own. I lined up a number of domain names that I have renewed for at least the last three or four years;  I then built a couple of beefy machines which could be used as a server; I then tried to learn a sufficient amount of knowledge of Windows Server;  then progress would grind to a halt as I would suck in on another “next new plan” which would make x number of dollars a month, all while sitting in your kitchen in your underwear. 

      Unfortunately, I had to get dressed and go pick up my bills and handle my hardware service business and lead my real life.  Several weeks ago, I started a serious, 36 week course designed and presented in a step by step fashion by a credible, successful, guru named John Thornhill. I had made several very satisfactory purchases from John in the past and how can you question the credentials and abilities of someone with over 16,000 positive feedbacks from eBay? I am very happy with his clear video and audio presentations with simple steps which have already taken me beyond any previous online efforts of mine.   So stop back to my site and follow the growth as I learn once again the basic truth that regardless of cost, education is much cheaper than ignorance.

Ray Ott

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  1. Hi Raymond

    AS someone who has tried and failed to make a success on the internet I too was pleased to find John and have him teach his proven method can only lead to better things.

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