Hello World

Hello World is a good title for this post. It is my first post. It is also the first time I have entered any comments in a blog.  I am presently starting a new endeavor in starting this blog ( www.raymondott.com) in connection with filling a massive void in my knowledge of how to bring a “brick & mortar” business, or at least some aspects of it, online. Many of you who may stumble upon this site are aware that my life experience has centered around repairing, upgrading, supplying, and generally supporting PCs. I started out with a strong electronics background with the compliments of the US Air Force. It is my personal belief that too few of our young men and women miss a great opportunity of which more of the older generation seemed to take advantage.  It takes a raw youth from where ever “home” was and teaches self sufficiency and respect. All the while they see that you don’t starve and also give you a look at how other people live. In my case, after almost a year of electronics training, I was stationed at a base in England for two and a half years with a short time in France on a temporary assignment.  So I credit that experience and training with preparing me for a successful career at IBM.  I will leave my excited readers with that look at the story of my background and how it has shaped my life…  More to come.

Ray Ott

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  1. Ray -This was done extremely well. You are to be congratulated on your endeavor. Exquisit gathering of info.

  2. Mark Wiitanen on April 16th, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Howdy Ray. I came accross this website if ypu ever need to work on those nasty Toshiba 2410! We could have used this last night. Thanks for your help.

  3. Absolutely can’t wait for the next post~The information is interesting and I like the links. Already viewed a view. I trust your knowledge and recommendations as you have always been a great resource for any PC issues!

  4. Hey, that is a neat post. Sincerely enjoyed reading this. See ya

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